Our Services


Oil Purification and Regeneration

Local utilities specify regenerated oil in place of new imported oil for initial filling of transformers and refilling refurbishments

Electrical Fire Containment

When an electrical fire breaks in a facility, it spreads fast before it is detected and extinguished.

Ultrasonic Detection

We carry out a range of ultrasonic tests including: leak detection, monitoring bearing conditions.

Lightning Protection System

Each year there are over 1,500,000,000 lightning strikes occurrences worldwide, which cause harm to people, animals and property.

Online and Offline Vacuum Oil Purification and Regeneration

Regenerated oil has negligible carbon, no waste, is environmentally compliant and cost effective.

Substation Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Our field service offers under warranty repairs for transformer and repairs for transformer(s) under warranty and .

Electrical Power Testing

We carry out a range of electronic power tests including transformer turns ratio (TTR) test, insulation power factor (tan delta test),

Infra-red Thermal Scanning

We conduct infrared scanning inspection on various installations such as: high rise and commercial buildings, factories

Electrical Earthing and Equipotential Bonding

Proper site surveys and analysis form part of our electrical services and solutions. We provide the following surveys and analysis

Construction, Maintenance and Repair of Power Transmission Lines

We construct power transmission lines, as well as routine maintenance and repairs.

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