Nurse Call System, Tek-CARE 160

Nurse Call System, Tek-CARE 120

Wireless Nurse Call System

Kehuco offers an easy to install wireless call system that is specifically designed for hospitals and nursing homes. This wireless nurse call system includes a variety of wireless portable and wall-mounted transmitters that expands the connectivity level between patients and nurses. Calls from ward beds can be monitored at a central office or nurse station using LED displays and paging controllers.

Using wireless wall-mounted pull cord transmitters, pendants or portable alert devices, patients can initiate a call to nurses with a full name and location information along with a detailed record of each call event and response times. A wireless corridor lights can be installed outside a ward and provide visual indication when activated by the patient

Wireless Emergency Alert System

The Kehuco wireless system offers military bases an effective way to implement an Emergency Alert System that can provides critical instructions with voice clarity and intelligibility. Using an array of indoor/outdoor wireless PA speakers, the system control center can initiate a well-directed live or pre-recorded voice messages to wireless PA speakers instructing staff members and visitors on how to react to a variety of emergency situations.

This system offers additional wireless features such as: overhead PA paging, text messaging to LED message boards and pagers, remote activation of strobe lights and sirens, interface to the local security systems, and more

Wireless Mobile PA System

Kehuco offers a portable PA system that is specifically designed for in-field or mobile voice paging applications. The system is based on a compact paging controller that can communicate with multiple wireless Public Address speakers for indoor/outdoor voice messaging applications. This controller can be mounted inside a vehicle and be powered by its battery to provide a mobile PA paging solution. The portable PA system can be quickly redeployed to provide voice, data and urgent messaging

communications, its controller and wireless PA speakers can run from a low-voltage or solar power source, making the system power-grid independent. Each portable PA system offers additional wireless paging features such as: automated emergency alerts, text messaging to LED message boards and pagers, remote activation of wireless strobe lights & sirens, weather alerts and more.

Wireless Paging System

Kehuco offers a variety of paging systems ranging from a simple stand-alone system to a fully networked system with multi-user configurations to match any indoor/outdoor overhead paging and text messaging applications. These wireless paging systems can be programmed to activate and communicate with each wireless paging receiver individually or as part of multiple paging zones

The simplest way to implement a Public Address paging system is by using a wireless intercom paging station that provide the user with the ability to make live voice announcements to wireless PA speaker or group of speakers, with a push of a button. Other wireless paging solutions offered by Kehuco, are based on a central paging base station that can provide voice communication with wireless indoor/outdoor PA speakers, initiate automated emergency alerts, send text messages to LED message boards and pagers, activate wireless strobe lights & sirens, provide background music playback and more.

Wireless Intercom System

Kehuco offers a variety of two-way intercom communication products to provide professional, effective and simple to install solutions for commercial facilities, schools, industrial plants, warehouses and other locations. A simple, station to station solution is the most basic configuration of wireless intercom system where two stations are installed in two different locations to provide voice communication from one station to another with a push of a button. A more advanced intercom solution will include a wireless intercom base station that can be installed at a central office with the ability to initiate/answer a two-way intercom call to/from multiple wireless intercom stations, making two-way voice communication with each location or facility-wide announcements a simple task.

Kehuco wireless intercom system with a central base station configuration offers facility mangers with even more added productivity with wireless solutions and features such as:

  • Wireless emergency notifications
  • Overhead PA paging
  • Break bell alerts
  • Time synchronization
  • Text messaging to alphanumeric LED displays
  • Remote activation of wireless strobe lights & sirens
  • Interface to the local phone system

Emergency Mass Notification System Platform

Kehuco Emergency Notification System is the premier solution for wireless emergency notification system applications, providing an effective means of audible and visual alerts for virtually any facility, regardless of size. This emergency notification system eliminates the need to rely on costly outside, subscriber-based services that may still operate by slow and ineffective phone, text or e-mail technologies. In the event of an emergency situation such as road flooding, traffic jam, traffic accident, civil demonstrations or acts of terror, an emergency notification system is a must. Through instant, well-directed live or pre-recorded voice messages, the emergency mass notification system instructs people on how to react to a variety of emergency situations

. Kehuco wireless emergency notification system can operate as a stand-alone unit or be integrated with other existing facility systems such as fire alarm, access control, PA system and more

Break Bell System

Kehuco offers a variety of options to implement break bell system solutions. This compact, stand-alone unit uses a smart bell controller to initiate bell alerts through attached audio speakers and in accordance with a pre-programmed bell schedule. This device is equipped with a built-in power backup and can

activate a previously installed mechanical bell if needed. Each bell system offers additional wireless options for improved productivity such as:

  • Public Address messaging
  • Two-way intercom communication
  • Wireless time synchronization
  • Text messaging to alphanumeric LED displays
  • Interface to local phone system

Wireless Time Synchronisation

College campuses, Secondary schools, hospitals, medical centers, government facilities, shopping malls and industrial facilities all have a great need to synchronize their clocks, bells and other time-sensitive equipment to one accurate and reliable time source. Using a radio transmitter, the Kehuco wireless clock system sends accurate time information to synchronize wirelessly all of the facility’s clocks and bells. The time source can be a GPS receiver or a local PC with accurate web synchronized time.

Using wireless PA speakers, this system can be expanded at any point to provide additional critical communication tasks, such as indoor/outdoor voice messaging, wireless two-way intercom communications and scheduled break bell alerts.

Wireless Fire Detection System

Kehuco wireless Fire Detection System can be used in any application from small shop to large industrial plant. Our range of fully addressable control panels are more than capable of providing the cover required with the minimal disruption and fast installation, wireless in the sensible solution. Our technical support team offer friendly voice at the end of the phone should you require one




2-way voice communication nurse call system

Tek-CARE®160 is a modern and affordable nurse call system that is easy to install, use, and maintain. Featuring customizable peripheral devices, sleek,

Touchscreen master stations and high-quality two-way voice communication, the Tek-CARE160 is designed to meet the needs of facilities across the entire healthcare spectrum

The master station includes the Tek-CARE® user interface on a compact, five-inch, LCD touchscreen, as well as an optional audio handset and cradle for placement. With the handset, staff can communicate loudly and clearly with residents between patient rooms and the nurses station without the interference of background noise.

Optionally, staff members can utilize the push-to-talk button on the master. The master station maintains a small footprint to easily rest on a desk or can be wall-mounted.

Room controllers feature energy-efficient LED dome lights, and include connection points for up to six stations. Available in either red and white or blue and white options. Decorative dome light sconces can also be added.

Patient stations are easy to clean and can be simply combined with a speaker to enable two-way voice communication. The stations

are available in single or dual versions, utilizing a one-quarter-inch jack receptacle for call cord insert. The speaker stations feature an assurance LED beneath the surface that illuminates when an audio path is open, ensuring resident privacy and safety.

Two-button customizable stations are designed with optional pull cord and include inserts for emergency, code, or bath call stations — or create custom inserts for call types unique to each facility. These stations can be
used in one- or two-gang housings. In the two-gang housing, stations can be combined with other two-button stations, patient stations or even a speaker station to provide audio communication with custom calls. Optional water- resistant gaskets allow the stations to be used in showers, baths, or tub rooms.

Duty stations annunciation calls in staff areas using 4 LEDs and a tone speaker. As an alternative, use additional wall-mounted master stations to provide room-specific information at multiple locations.

Add the Tek-CARE Appliance Server to easily integrate the Tek- CARE160 system with other nurse call systems, as well as a wide variety of building systems, such as fire alarm, security, and access control systems. The Tek-CARE Appliance Server supports many optional features, including pocket paging, reporting, remote event monitors, email output, Tek-CARE App for Apple TVs, and Tek-CARE Staff App for iOS and Android.

Apple TVs with HDTVs display calls in a large format that are visible from a distance. Our Tek-CARE Staff App enables iOS and Android devices (plus any paired smartwatches) to display calls on

the go, with select table tone, vibrate, or flash notifications. Each device displays all calls in its assigned zones from all connected systems at once. The Tek-CARE Appliance Server sends events to these devices via the facility’s WiFi.

The Tek-CARE160 allows for an easy upgrade path from legacy nurse call systems. Existing wiring can be re-used for installation, saving on costs and labor.

The Tek-CARE160 nurse call system is UL®1069 and UL®2560 Listed, cUL® listed to CSA C22.2 No. 205, and RoHS Compliant.

Tek-CARE160 Components

room controller with dome light, 2 LED colors (shown off and on)


master station with desk mount housing


duty station with tone speaker


call cords

master station with wall mount bracket


central equipment module – stack or rack mount


patient station,single ¼" jack


patient station,dual ¼" jacks




auxiliary input module provides 2 inputs capable of monitoring devices such as door contacts, security panel outputs, and more


customizable 2-button pull-cord station shown in 3 water-resistant configurations:call for help, code blue, nurse icon pull-cord