Electrical Grounding and Bonding

Electrical Grounding and Bonding Site Surveys
Proper site surveys and analysis complement fully our Electrical Services and Solutions. Through collation of resistivity measurements and earth analysis, our engineers can produce bespoke earthing designs complete with drawings, calculations and a detailed report, along with a structural lightning protection system if required.

Soil resistivity surveys

Inadequate or erroneous soil resistivity readings are likely to result in a flawed design. Kehuco site surveys take multiple accurate soil resistivity readings at various depths across the proposed site to form the basis of the whole earthing design.

Full earthing analysis

Full earthing analysis determines the step and touch voltages, earth potential rise and classification of the site generated by the initial design.

Earth resistance measurement

Earth resistance measurement is essential to ensure that the installation meets the anticipated criteria laid out in the initial design. Kehuco Electrical Services and Solutions has the technical experience to ensure that the measurements accurately reflect the true resistance of the earthing system.

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