Cordless Mobile Phone (DECT)

Studies have shown that certain staff in a company can spend up to 40% of their working day away from their desks, taking care of other pressing tasks. On working desk today, 6 out of 10 telephone calls are missed or not answered due to staff being mobile. Cordless mobile phone enables a company staff to "Move and Talk", providing many business benefits. Mobile telephone servers simply connect to the existing telephone PABX system to provide mobility. This way, management staff on the move becomes a reality with all the benefits of being able to "Move and talk" and "Manage" on the move.



  • Hospitals Nurse call, doctor call etc
  • Industrial Plants
  • Airports and Seaports
  • Shopping Complex and Malls
  • Business or Office Complex
  • Hotels
  • Warehouses
  • Monitoring of equipments
  • Computer Based alarms i.e Fire Security, process control etc

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