DC Power Back-up

In the ever-changing technology whether in manufacturing, telecommunication, IT, Aviation, Hospitals etc, Unipower have set new standards in supplying complete DC power solutions. Unipower DC power back-up are designed with one single purpose: "To provide scaleability for powering communication equipment".

When developing DC power solutions, size is an important factor. Unipower have full range, expandable and therefore most flexible DC power back-up system. As the business grows and expands into new territories, so will the need for DC standby power change. The system incorporates flexibility for all future requirements. It has expandable platform base that provides power solutions to meet all application needs.

Unipower DC power back-up are designed and manufactured to fit into any existing or new network. It is a "plug-and-go" installation facility that enables DC power system to be live and on-line in no time. The entire system has modular approach with pluggable rectifiers. Its solutions are scaleable. The system has cable or burs-bar connectivity, clip-in breakers and scaleable solutions.

Unipower DC power back-up systems are simple and straightforward to maintain. They are user-friendly for non-technical staff and can be supervised either remotely or on-site. The system requires minimum specific product knowledge and can be interrogated remotely. They use familiar interface and the equipment have short meantime to replace. The system use low maintenance batteries that can remotely be verified

Application:DC Power X1000 System

  • Hospital-ICU, Theaters etc
  • Emergency lighting
  • IT industry i.e. servers, hubs etc
  • Manufacturing industry for power supply to PLC's and similar equipment
  • Civil Aviation industry such as radars, aircraft landing instruments etc
  • MilitaryDC Power X400 System


  • Low DC Power Back-up
  • Medium DC Power Back-up
  • High DC Power Back-up


  • Input: Single phase, 230Vac/50Hz
  • Output: 12 Vdc, 24Vdc and 48Vdc
  • Operation: Hot-Swap, N+1 Redundant

DC Power X100

Individual Products:

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